Bioheat Benefits

It has the warmth of coming home, the comfort of a smile, and the ease of a favorite chair … as well as the precision of a marching band, the reliability of an old friend, and the earthiness of an orchard before harvest.

What could be so safe, abundant, domestic and efficient? 
The answer is Bioheat® fuel!

Just take a look at all the great benefits you get when you heat your home with Bioheat® fuel: 

  • TheAnswerIsOilheat-logo.pngWhen you are looking for more warmth and lower bills, especially through the coldest winter nights … the answer is Bioheat® fuelA gallon of Bioheat® fuel produces 138,500 Btus – that's a lot of warmth! And when you upgrade your heating system you can save up to 40 percent!
  • When you want a clean fuel that's good for the environment, one that will heat your home comfortably while producing minimal greenhouse gas emissions … the answer is Bioheat® fuel. In fact, the Bioheat® fuel that is delivered to every home in New York City contains less than 15 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur. Bioheat® fuel virtually eliminates the Sulfur Dioxide emitted from the use of home heating fuel, reduces nitrogen oxides by 20-30 percent, and helps ensure the safety and quality of the air New Yorkers breathe.
  • When you want to 'go green' and use a renewable fuel source … the answer is Bioheat® fuel. All heating oil dealers in New York City already offer Bioheat® fuel. Ask your dealer to find out more.
  • it-241-angled.pngWhen you're looking for a fuel that will pay you back with tax credits ... the answer is Bioheat® fuel. New York State's Clean Heating Fuel tax credit earns you a credit of up to 20 cents per gallon of Bioheat® fuel you use each year. Your credit will be calculated at one cent for every percentage of biodiesel used in the blend, between B6 (6 percent biodiesel, or 6 cents per gallon) up to B20 (20 percent biodiesel, or 20 cents per gallon). Please review all documentation with your tax professional.
  • When you're looking for a home heating fuel with a great safety record … the answer is Bioheat® fuel. You get peace of mind knowing that your Bioheat® fuel does not burn in its liquid form, needs to be heated to 140° before your system can convert it to heat for your home, and is stored in a tank tested to ensure its durability in the worst of situations.
  • If you want the independence of choosing your own service provider … the answer is Bioheat® fuel. There are hundreds of Bioheat® fuel dealers in New York City from which you can choose, each one offering a selection of services, prices, and value-added programs, so you can find the one right for you. Call your dealer and ask about their service and budget plans, automatic delivery, price protection and other programs.
  • If you want to be able to rely on a fuel that's so abundant approximately 16.5 million consumers use it each year … and we have enough supplies and access to last for years … the answer is Bioheat® fuel. The United States is producing, on average, 9.4 million barrels per day (bbl/d) of crude oil, the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve has a capacity of 727 million barrels of crude, and the Northeast Home Heating Reserve holds a one-million barrel supply of ultra-low sulfur heating oil. That's abundant!
  • When you're concerned about your neighbors' jobs and want a fuel that's produced domestically … the answer is Bioheat® fuel. Crude oil is produced in 31 states, and Bioheat® fuel is delivered to you by neighbors working for a local company.


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