Make Your Heating System Better, Stronger & Faster Than It Was Before

Thanks to years of innovation, Bioheat® fuel dealers have the technology to take an outdated heating system and replace it with one that works smarter, not harder, due to the improvements that have been made to heating equipment. Best of all? The savings you’ll enjoy with this new equipment will quickly cover installation costs over time!

You don’t have to wait for a catastrophic failure to upgrade your heating system!

The sooner you upgrade, the sooner you’ll avoid any potential breakdowns and start saving. In fact, a modern heating system can save you up to 40% on heating costs if you’re replacing a model that’s 12 or more years old. That’s not all, though. Through the Upgrade & Save – NYC Rebate Program, the savings keep rolling in!

Here’s what you can get when you upgrade your heating equipment with NYC’s Bioheat fuel dealers through the Upgrade & Save NYC Rebate Program:

  • $500 for the replacement or upgrade of an existing oil-fired furnace or boiler to a higher efficiency model

  • $200 for the installation of an aboveground oil storage tank to replace an aboveground or underground tank

  • $100 for the upgrade of an oil burner and controls

With a generous limit of two rebates per household, that’s a $700 maximum rebate that you can claim… just for improving your home heating system! This, combined with the 40% savings on your heating costs from installing the new equipment, will put you in great shape – and make you feel like six million bucks! Contact us or your local Bioheat fuel dealer to learn more!

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