Understanding the Benefits of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

One of the components in Bioheat® fuel is ultra-low sulfur heating oil – also known as ULSHO. It’s a big reason why New York City residents love Bioheat fuel! But, have you ever wondered what ULSHO actually does for homeowners? Let’s review!

  • Using ULSHO helps your heating equipment last longer and require fewer maintenance calls. The lower sulfur content means less buildup on the equipment, keeping it cleaner and reducing the risk of breakdowns.

  • Using ULSHO increases your heating equipment’s efficiency, and it reduces emissions by over 70% compared to traditional heating fuel, according to the Consumer Energy Council of America.

  • Because Bioheat fuel contains ULSHO, it’s a cleaner burning fuel that helps homeowners go green and protects out environment from dangerous greenhouse gases.

In addition to these benefits above, using Bioheat fuel has just one more – the dealers! Bioheat fuel dealers go above and beyond what you’d expect from heating fuel providers, delivering a range of services that help New Yorkers maintain their comfort all year long! Contact us to learn more about Bioheat fuel dealers.

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