Storage Tanks

  • Upgrade to a new aboveground oil storage tank for greater peace of mind and reduce the (already rare) chance of a tank release. You could save up to $200 when you upgrade your tank.
  • Most aboveground tanks can last for decades; the lifespan of an underground tank can be affected by the type of soil, how often it rains, rocks or construction debris, and other factors.
  • Your Bioheat® fuel dealer can assess the condition of your tank and test for soundness – even for underground tanks.
  • Today's tanks are often smaller in size than older tanks (but still hold the same number of gallons).
  • All new aboveground tanks – steel or fiberglass – are tested to ensure that they can withstand a severe fire (such as a house fire) for at least 30 minutes without leaking.
  • New aboveground tanks may have "double walls" – a plastic tank inside an outer steel jacket, providing additional protection should the inner tank experience a release.
  • Single-wall steel tanks may include a "double-bottom" with a leak detection system.
  • Tank tubs will protect outdoor aboveground storage tanks from the elements, and offer additional protection from releases.


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